Open Research Panel: AUDIOVISUAL PERFORMANCES - 27th July 2011, 2:30-5pm, Chelsea Lecture Theatre, University of the Arts, London.

Open Research Panel: AUDIOVISUAL PERFORMANCES      Download PDF

27th July 2011, 2:30-5pm, Chelsea Lecture Theatre

Open invitation to staff, students and members of the public interested in audiovisual and performance arts

Duration: Panel (1´30h) AV live performances (30 min). Free entrance!

Visiting Researcher Dr. Blanca Regina (U.R.J.C. Madrid), Matthias Kispert lecturer in Sound Art at London College of Communication, Mike Faulkner founder of D-Fuse, Ben Sheppee co-founder of Lightrhythm Visuals label and, and the artists Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku will debate about audiovisual performances and VJ (videojockey) Culture in an open panel.

Audiovisual and performance culture emerges from crossing platforms in different cultural spaces. The production of content, concepts and knowldedge in audiovisual performances has expanded over the last 50 years and remains a new field. The culture of the remix and the real time content creation arose during the first decade of this century, with a close connection to the clubbing scene of the 1980s, and roots in avant-garde movements, the pre-cinematographic era, experimental music and cinema, and has close connections with, performance art, video art software art and electronic music. Vj Culture represents the live video performance, the audiovisual remix, and the staging of audiovisual contents. Vjing as live video is still unknown. It is evolving though technology and its language is expanding and transforming.

                                                                                        Photo of  Fathers by The Lappetites
                                                                                           Frame of serpentine by Noriko Okaku


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